Unraveled by Him

Unraveled by Him - Wendy Leigh This is book one in the "Unraveled" series. This book does leave you with a cliffhanger that leads you into the second book 'Unraveled by Her' and I would image the third book 'Unraveled Together '. So if you are looking for a story to end in one book this won't be for you. I enjoyed the book and the cliffhanger was nail biting that you can't wait...so I am not sorry that I read it.
Miranda is a ghost writer but in her spare time she has been writing an exotica book. Once she is finished she emails it to her publisher but doesn't realize until a few weeks later that she made a mistake and sent it to her sister. Her sister in turn fell in love with the story and took in to Robert who she thought might publish it. Once Miranda finds out what she did she calls him to let him know that it was a mistake and that her own publisher would be publishing it. She asked for him to give it back to her and he tells her he will if she comes to his house.
Robert who also is a dominance person in his affairs wants to meet Miranda, who by reading her book he thinks she might be the sexual submission he has been looking for. This starts there story and the struggle for each of them to trust the other due to both having personal issue in their past.