Calen's Captive

Calen's Captive - Lucy Leroux This is book two in the "A Singular Obsession series by Lucy Leroux.
I must say as soon as I got through book one 'Making Her His' I was hunting down the series.
This was a new author for me (but now one of my favorites) and I find that her writing is what some fantasy are about. They are the strong male types that only want to protect,take care of you while spoiling you and not to mention jealous of anyone that looks at you. Also they are some really hot love scene.
Calen is our hero, he owns night clubs and his father is a Irish mobster. Calen tires to stay away from any think to do with his fathers business. But one day his father talks him into meet some men about a deal that he wants to go through and everyone who can make the deal is unable too. Calen gives in and goes to meet the men but he finds that they are hold a women hostage. Calen knows that it won't end well for her so he talks them in to given him the women and will the deal agreement.
Maia is our heroine and the lady that is being held against her will. Maia was just out trying to get samples in an area where she see some men who seem to be doing something bad. So they think she has seen to much and take her. Calen is brought to Maia where he fully see her and knows it is the women he has been looking for for several weeks. It seems Maia had been in his club and Calen caught site of her and instantly fell into attraction if not love. So Calen plans on keep her and never letting her go.