Captivated by Jax (Sawson's Royal College, #1)

Captivated by Jax (Sawson's Royal College, #1) - Bella Anthony If you are looking for a Alpha type male, Rich, with a sad childhood and a women who is everything different that wants to 'save him' than you have found the right book. I know it is my type of book!! FYI: No Cliffhangers!
Jax is rich with parents that don't have an emotional attachment to him and they have even drugged him some to get him to do things their way. Although the father is the more the aggressor and the mom just does nothing, speaks harshly to Jax even when Jax tries to help her when his father turns on her. So Jax has fallen into a party mode and just goes from girl to girl with a main 'girlfriend' that her and his parents want them to make a match. So this 'girlfriend' is doing the same thing going from guy to guy. But at a party Jax notices a girl Selena who seems so different then any of them. Jax is drawn to her and some of his friends bet him to take Selena virginity for a bet. Jax and her go to the same college as they are bound to see one another but Jax does go forward with with meeting her again. Selena is also drawn to Jax and not sure at first what he wants with her. Selena knows of his reputation and doesn't understand why he would single her out. Jax quickly starts to see the Selena is a nice, caring person and has more compassion for him in one day than his parents had his whole life. This puts Jax in a protective, possessive mode with Selena but even with those feelings Jax has a hard time dealing with a real caring relationship.
There is some drama/action and the secondary characters are great! I really did enjoyed this book and hope there is a second book with Seb and Bella (Isa) (secondary characters).