Moon Dark (Book 1 Auriano Curse Series)

Moon Dark (Book 1 Auriano Curse Series) - Patricia Barletta This is book one in the Auriano Curse Series. I loved the cover but was unsure of the story at first. After reading this book I found that I really like the story and had a hard time putting it down.
Lady Sabrina Dunfield is a widow with a young child. She has had to move in with her husband's Uncle and he is having her drop off "messages" to different location. Sabrina think the notes are related to his art work selling. On one of these mission she is almost attacked but a 'shadow' man saves her. Alessandro D’Este, Prince of Auriano is cursed along with his twin brother. Alessandro and his brother go back and forth as the Shadow. Shortly after Alessandro saves Sabrina as the shadow he turns back to human form as his brother turns to the shadow form. Alessandro finds that after years of being a shadow man no one as ever seen him.. which makes him think Sabrina is something different than normal humans. This starts their journey to finding what powers Sabrina has and their story of love. Really liked this book and hope that you will too!