Uncovered - Colours of Love (Colours of Love Series Book 2)

Uncovered - Colours of Love (Colours of Love Series Book 2) - Kathryn Taylor This is book two in the "Colours of Love" Series. I really enjoyed book one 'Unbound' and yes book one did have a cliffhanger sort of like 50 Shades of Grey. So, I would advise getting the first book too..which both books are such a good read that you would really want to anyway. There is a third book 'Unleashed' which is about 48 pages and even though I haven't read it yet.. by understanding is that it is just a epilogue to their story. I do plan on reading that next but just wanted to mention that book in case like me you want to read the whole series.
This book picks up with Grace our heroine, trying to leave our hero, Jonathan after they have a big fight involving taking a major bad step in their relationship. A fight between Jonathan and another guy who has been 'after' Grace start just minutes after their fight. But once Jonathan is pulled away from the other guy he speaks to Grace again and she agrees to leave with him and try their relationship once more. Jonathan said that he would go by her rules and not his any longer. In other words he has agreed to make this a relationship and not just sex buddies. Grace is very happy at first and they go on that way for a while but she starts to want more from him because she has fallen in love with him. But when Jonathan was little he saw his parents fight and his mother accidentally falls down the stairs. From then on until the present day he has hated his father and not gotten along with him. Grace sees this as the reason he says he is unable to love anyone and she tries to get him to fix his relationship with his dad. But he keeps saying he wont and Grace feels that they cannot go forward. So next we see how they deal with this issue and how the overcame things to be together. I also really enjoyed the secondary characters in this book too. Around great read! Loved it.