Dark Destroyer (De Wolfe Pack/Great Marcher Lords of de Lara)

Dark Destroyer (De Wolfe Pack/Great Marcher Lords of de Lara) - Kathryn Le Veque This is the story of Gates de Wolfe the Great Grandson of William de Wolf in the book title 'The Wolfe' (de Wolfe Pack, Book #1). I just wanted to mention that in case you wanted to read the continuing story of the de Wolfe Pack family. You don't have to have read that book or previous book to enjoy this one but I would just because it was so good.
Gates de Wolfe is a warrior that has never turned down a women, young, old, ugly or virginal. So he has a few out of wedlock children, angry fathers and husbands. Gates is asked by his 'boss' to retrieve his daughter from the convent. Lady Kathalin de Lara has been at the convent since she was about 5 years old. Kathalin wants to take the vow to become a nun but her parents do not want her too. Now they are calling her back home after just dropping her off at the convent years ago. They have decided to marry her off to make a family connections. Gates and Kathalin find that they are very much attracted to each other and are falling in love. Gates knows that his sorted passed with women would make it hard for her father to accept him. This book had less fighting and more concentration on the growing love between the two. Also not much love scene since he was respecting Kathalin more than any women he knew.