The Affair

The Affair - Giana Darling I received an eARC, from NetGalley and the publisher, in exchange for an honest review.
I just wanted to let you know up front that this does have a small cliffhanger that set up the next book for Giselle Moore and Sinclair...their story continues.
Giselle has been away from her family for several years and she was trying to get away from some things at home and also she is a painter...and wanted to work on that. Now Elle is on her way home but her friend has given Ella a week in Cabo San Lucas because the friend and her husband couldn't make it. So Elle thinks it will be nice to have a vacation before going home and meeting the family again. While on a plane Elle meets Sinclair and he helps her get through her plane phobia. Once Elle gets settle into her hotel she ends up running into Sinclair again. This time Sinclair isn't runaway from her as he had once they got off the plane. Sinclair ask Elle is she would like to have a holiday affair with him for the week, that they would not exchange last names and only talk about certain things so that they would stay semi-strangers. Elle has never done such a thing before but she is greatly attracted to Sinclair, so she goes forward with the affair. Elle does learn that Sinclair has a girlfriend back home so that takes her back some. But we find that trying to stay semi-stranger is harder than they though.