Seduced in September

Seduced in September - Genevieve Turner This is book three in the "A Year Without a Duke" series. This is a different kind of series of books. Yes, it is a historical romance but the underling story to me (I have only read this book, book four 'An Affair in Autumn' and book five ' A Duke by December') seems to be what is going on in the people lives on this property while waiting for the Duke to be found. Which isn't a bad thing.. just different. I did enjoy this book and the other books...just wanted to make the underlining story clear. Also, with that said this book (and the other I have read) were all stand alone books. You don't have to have read the other books to enjoy this one. They are also quick enjoyable reads!
This story is about the governess, Adele Vere and the stable master, Edward Coyne. Adele had been orders as the governess to learn to ride and of course Edward would be the one to teach her. Each time she goes for her lesson she is drawn into feeling for Edward that are hard to fight. He does nothing to her in words but when he touches her and his tone she finds herself taken with him. Edward does seem to be slowing trying to seduce her and she finds it is working.