Highland Storm (Guardians of Scotland Book 2)

Highland Storm (Guardians of Scotland Book 2) - Victoria Zak This is the second book in the "Guardians Of Scotland" series. I have read the previous book 'Highland Burn' but I think this can be a standalone book. Although I was glad to have read the first one as it was so good and this book gave me a chance to catch up with the previous characters. Also this book does have Conall and Effie meet five years before and so they don't start from scratch her. In "Highland Burn" the previous book these characters were secondary characters so there story was really there either. That is kind of why I gave it three stars. The story was good but I felt like I would like to have been there from the start.
Conall Hamilton is a dragon but more to the point he has lost his wife and son years ago. This has made him a very slow to love again. Effie Douglas also has her issues she has escaped from her cruel brother and ended up with Conall clan who is a rival clan. There to the two started secret affair that last 5 years until Effie started to get question her relationship with him. Also Conall started have visions of his previous wife and her telling him to marry Effie and make a honest women of her. Their story hits several bumps along the way due to her brother. Overall a good read.