Gallant Waif (Harlequin Historical, #557)

Gallant Waif (Harlequin Historical, #557) - Anne Gracie Another great book by Anne Gracie! This book was a easy read that I had to read in one sitting. I loved how the heroine and hero were bickering and how the grandmother handle things and her since of humor. Our heroine, Kate Farleigh has really had a tough life, I thought and it wasn't getting any better. Until her mother's Godmother, Lady Cahill came into her life. Kate was then taken to where our hero, Jack Carstairs was staying. Jack was back from war and had been hurt so bad that his intended would not have him. So he was just drinking and not taking care of anything. Jack and Kate were brought together by Lady Cahill to help both of them get back to the living. Although Jack and Kate seem to fight a lot it was kind of funny in away. Really enjoyed this book and I can never get enough of Anne Gracie books!