Promised at the Moon

Promised at the Moon - Rebekah R. Ganiere Thanks to NetGally for the ARC for a Honest review.
This is book one in the "Shifter Rising" series. This was a really good fast read that you could not put down.
Natasha Moon is on the run after her ex-boyfriend tries to make her keep a promise that she would be his mate when she go of age. She has since changed her mind because he is not the same person. He attempts to kidnap her and hurt her parents.
On the run and taken to a safe house she meets Liam Grey who is help people at the safe houses. Liam has had a hard time growing up and has tried not to get attached to anyone nor take a mate. But when he meets Natasha he has a hard time fighting his feelings. Liam also has to save Natasha from her ex boyfriend. Enjoyed reading this book and hope that you will too.