Charleston Past Midnight

Charleston Past Midnight - Christine    Edwards Calla Hart is a pretty tough girl. Calla and her brother pretty much had to take care of themselves when they were young. The kids used to tease and pick on her because she was 'poor white trash' and now she is still having a hard time of it. She is living in a bad neighborhood and working as many hours as she can. Once night leaving late she is grabbed by two men who try to kidnap her so they can have a 'good time' with her.
Severin Beauvais is a vampire and has lived for several centuries. Severin happens to see Calla and the two men fighting and Severin comes to her rescue.
Severin finds that he is attracted to Calla in a way he has never been before to a women. Calla is all fight still and finds out that night that Severin is a vampire. So used to leaving a hard life she doesn't think nothing of it and asked to be taken home. A week later Severin can't get her out of his mind and goes to be with her. There we find that his enemy has also spotted Calla and finds she has a skill that he wants. So it becomes a fight to save Calla...and for Severin and her to fall in love.