Diary of an Accidental Wallflower

Diary of an Accidental Wallflower - Jennifer McQuiston This is book one in the series "Seduction Diaries. I did find this to be a little different of a story than some historical romance. Our herione is pretty and popular, Miss Clare Westmore who has set her eyes on a man that is in line to become a Duke. Clare is trying to avoid him in the park one day as she is dressed in one of her old gowns and doesn't want him to see her this way. Which leads her to try and hide but hurts her ankle along the way. Which leads her to my our hero, Dr. Daniel Merial. Daniel see her limping at a ball and goes to her to try and help her. Clare had decided not to tell anyone she was hurt as not miss a chance to see the future Duke but her ankle has slowed her down. When she sees Daniel she does find him very handsome and is somewhat drawn to him. Daniel ends up coming to her house to see about her foot the next day and meets her family. I will say that her brother and sister are very funny and added to the enjoyment of this book. Clare starts to realized that her snooty friends are not her friends and that Daniel is far more of what she wants then the future Duke. This story does have a few surprises and I though added to her family charm. I really liked this story and hope that you will too!