A Highlander's Heart

A Highlander's Heart - Jennifer Haymore This is book one in the "Highland Knights" series. This book to me starts mid-story as they have our hero, Major Sir Robert Campell on the battlefield and his wife there looking for him. Our heroine, Lady Claire Campbell has come to find her husband after they had a fight where she asked him to leave her...and he did. They kind of touched on a little how them met, but it wasn't a build up like I like. We don't really find out why they argued until about midway to the end.I like Jennifer Haymore writing and I know when I see her books I will enjoy them! I did enjoyed this book but I guess I think I would have given it four stars or more if they have started from the beginning then work to the end...instead of starting at the middle and filling you in. So if you are like me and like Jennifer Haymore books then I would defiantly consider getting this one to start off her series.