What a Devilish Duke Desires

What a Devilish Duke Desires - Vicky Dreiling This was another must have for me from the author Vicky Dreiling! I have wanted to see how the story of the hero "Harry" played out. I was glad of who they paired him up with! I liked the heroine "Lucy" and loved how she took care of her grandmother and kept up with her friends. I did wish she gave Harry a "more run for his money" by putting up more stops in the level between the too. I really wanted to see Harry get more stronger about them not parting. I also was a little disappointed in his mother, Mrs. Norcliffe from the previous books I had got the feeling she was funny, helpful and a matchmaker without limits or class of couples. But those were just small issues that really didn't take from the book... as all of us that read we "see and think" things different than they might actually be..more of what we want them to be. I was really glad they did a catch up with the H/H and secondary characters from the other books. I really loved see a little of Justin (stepson) from the " What a Wicked Earl Wants " book. Note that all the books in the series are stand alone and don't have to be read in any order! Overall I loved this book and had to have it!! I would recommend this author and this book!!