Conqueror's Kiss

Conqueror's Kiss - Hannah Howell I love Hannah Howell books and have read almost all of her books! When you see her name on the book you know you will be getting a good read! This is actually the second release of this book that was published back in 2006 I think. I loved that they have re-released it and have updated the front cover. Our heroine, Jennet Graeme has had a hard life and seen things that now one should have too. Our hero, Sir Hacon Gillard has been fighting for years and has someone after him now trying to kill him. Hacon has taken Jennet from the convent that she was staying at. They are both quickly attracted to each other but as with love stories there are issue and the heroine fighting her feelings some. I loved the secondary characters, there were fights and some tears. Overall I loved this book and hope that you do too!