An Honorable Thief (Harlequin Historical)

An Honorable Thief (Harlequin Historical) - Anne Gracie Anne Gracie is one of my favorite authors. When I see her name on a book I know I am getting a great read. Ms. Gracie book have humor, tears, love and great secondary characters. This book did not disappoint at all and I had to read it into the early mornings to finish it...yes another book hangover for work..but well worth it!!
Our heroine is Kit Singleton who has had a unstable life in the since that her mother died when she was young and her father was pretty much on the run from all of his cheating and cons that he is doing. He even had poor Kit dress as a boy for most of her young childhood. Anyway on his death bed he asked Kit to seek revenge on some of his young friends from the past. She finally agrees which sets her on the path to go to England to try to do this promise for him. This sets her in the path of our hero, Mr. Hugo Devenish who thinks she is after his nephew to trap him into marriage. This sets the story of of Hugo and Kit coming together to overcome a lot of misconceptions and uncertainty to find their love. I really loved this book and hope that you do too!!