The Spring Bride

The Spring Bride - Anne Gracie This is book three in the "Chance Sisters" series. I would say that this is a standalone book just like the other but I would highly recommend that you read all the books..just because this series is so good! I love Anne Gracie writing.. they are always funny, moving, emotional and has great secondary characters. Ms. Gracie is one of my favorite authors. When I get one of her books I cannot put it down and this was no exception! This book is the story of Jane Chance who at a early age lost her mother and father. So Jane and her older sister Abigail did all they could to survive on their own. Jane is very beautiful and at a early age men have started wanting her for her beauty. So between poverty and uncertainty of men's attitude toward Jane she feels that she needs a marriage of financial security and safety. Our hero, Zachary Black too has had a tough life. Zack was a young man with a wealthy titled father, but that father physically abused him and his step-mother. So as a young man of about sixteen him and his mother leave his father and go their separate ways. Zack has taken to spying and living by earning his money. Years later after his father dies, Zack goes to town to settle his title and inheritance that his cousin his trying to declare is his. Although Zack doesn't plan on staying in town any longer than necessary to clear up this matter he finds that he cannot leave yet due to a murder accusation hanging over his head that he murder his step-mom. So Zack has to stay in his role of being a gypsy and commoner. But he meets Jane and he starts to rethink his whole life and how he has ignore his responsibility and how if he wants to continue his feelings for Jane he is going to have to come clean because Jane is set to marry a man that does have wealth and security. This starts their much loved story! I hope that you will enjoy it too!!