The Art of Sinning

The Art of Sinning - Sabrina Jeffries Sabrina Jeffries is by far one of my favorite authors and I have read most of her books! This is the first in the "The Sinful Suitors" so we all can start from the beginning. I will say it does start with Jane the heroine from the last book "If the Viscount Falls" in the "The Duke's Men" series. It also touches on Samuel who is Lady Yvette brother who was a villian in that same book "If the Viscount Falls". But there was not enough of that back story to not make this a stand alone book if you haven't read that one. I like reading the first book before the others and sometimes it works out that I can't do that. Which most book you really don't have to. So anyway, just wanted to say how glad I was to get in early for this series! The Hero Jeremy Keane is an artist and tries to be selfish in my mind but is unable to do so. I think in his mind he is but I don't think his actions shows that. Because at first his mind was just on getting Lady Yvette to pose for him. But Lady Yvette had to make a bargain with him to get his help with a problem she is having. I loved how they talked and found out things they were both trying to hid. . I really liked the heroine also! A very good read and so happy to have the chance to do so and review it!