Lord of Pleasure

Lord of Pleasure - Delilah Marvelle This book is a second release and I was able to read it the first time around but also wanted to read it again. I love Delilah Marvelle wirting and I loved this book before. I found that besides giving it a fresher look on the cover they have added to the story from when I last read it. I was so excited to read the new things that were added.
Our hero, Alexander William Baxendale, the earl of Hawksford who is very different then most heroes in the fact that he is pretty much out of shape and has a weight issue at the beginning of this story. He falls in love with a shop girl, our heroine, Charlotte Jane Sutton. Charlotte has had a really hard life and is having to do scams to get money to help her and some other people. Charlotte is intrigued by Alexander and finds that she cannot make herself scam him...only be honest with him instead. Her honesty is kind of hurtful in a way to Alexander and with him feeling his weight issue..does not have the confidence to really know how to handle her and her ways. This starts how they over time come to a place of better understand and love. The love scenes where hot and great and they whole story was so moving. I loved this book and the author and hope that you will too!