Put Up Your Duke

Put Up Your Duke - Megan Frampton This is book two in the "Dukes Behaving Badly" series. I really did enjoy this book and thought it did a wonderful job of telling Isabella and Nicholas's story. Our hero, Nicholas who just found out he is to be a Duke was very unexpected. Nicholas was somewhat carefree and a rake while his younger brother was the more bookish/serious one. When Nicolas went to the lawyer to see what this new title would mean he found that the title also came with a future bride. Nicholas in the back of his mind felt he would not really meet a women that could hold his interested and that he would truly enjoy being married to for the rest of his life. So, he was a little put off by the knowledge of that. Nicholas did go to Isabella's house to meet with her father to see if there is a way to get out of this marriage. But once Nicholas meets Isabella he is taken in with her beauty and also he find that the pending marriage cannot be undone. Isabella has been groomed by her parents for years to be perfect and to be Duchess material. Isabella only hopes for freedom but has been groomed so long that she can't see another way out. So Isabella and Nicholas marry and they start their journey of getting to know each other and finding their love. I hope you will enjoy this book too!