Ever After

Ever After - Odessa Gillespie Black This is my first book by Odessa Gillespie Black and I am certain it won't be my last. I really liked this book. It is somewhat of a "time travel" book I would say in way. Which I am hit or miss on for them...but this was a hit. It has the heroine. Allie Knowles living in kind of a run down apartment and being the "good girl" of the family I would say. Her life is set to change when her mother receives a letter from a lawyer for Allie. This starts her path to meeting the hero, Cole Kinsley. Their soles have intertwine before and now they are on a path to do so again but Cole is very cautious of the dangers that they may face if Allie remembers him from the past. Which with her dreams and this story you know that is the course! I hope that you will enjoy this book too.