What to Do with a Duke

What to Do with a Duke - Sally MacKenzie This is the first book in the series "Spinster House' by Sally MacKenzie. I must say that I love Sally MacKenzie as a writer, but I found that I loved the introduction to this book. Its not one I have heard of before in some ways...being that there is a "Spinster House" that has a curse on the Duke's that own it. The heroine, Isabelle Catherine Hutting "Cat" has had a somewhat of a hard life and know in her life she has be somewhat placed on the "Marriage Mart". Cat, does not want that kind of life and has heard that the "Spinster House" is up for a new occupant. Which leads us to the hero, Marcus, the Duke of Hart. Marcus knows of the curse and thinks it has taken at least 5 of the Dukes already. But even with that knowledge it is hard for Marcus to stop these building feelings he is having. I love this author and so glad to have this book. I hope that you too find that you love it also.