Thunder on the Plains

Thunder on the Plains - Rosanne Bittner This is the first book I have read from this author, Rosanne Bittner. I did find that it appears to be a rerelease, which I am glad. I didn't get the chance to read it the first time it came out. This is also a book that is about 5oo pages in it. So this will be worth the money and not a quick read. The heroine, Sunny Landers is crazy about her father and his dream for the railroad. The hero, Colt Travis who is half Cherokee, and also of course has a different back ground than Sunny sets the tone that they can't be together. Colt is help to lead them on a dangerous trip to outline the dream of Sunny father to grow the railroad that the father loves so much. There is danger, fights and will keep you glued to finding out what happens