If You Desire

If You Desire - Kresley Cole This is the second book in the series "MacCarrick Brothers". I will say that I had to read this in one sitting. I was so hooked on this author and the series! This book does touch a little of the next book (If You Deceive) and a some of the first book (If You Dare) but I though it can be a stand alone book if you are reading these out of order or if you only want to read one of the books. So don't worry if you are going in and out of order.
Our hero, Hugh MacCarrick has been in loved with our heroine, Jane Weyland since they were both young. Hugh works for Jane's father and they kind of grew up together. Hugh learned around his late teens that he and his brothers are cursed and cannot really marry..or have kids. So Hugh starts to take assignments that keep him away from Jane. So 10 years later after avoiding Jane he find that her father has called him back to help protect Jane from someone that is trying to hurt/kill her. Hugh comes running back and finds that Jane has hard feeling for him when he just up and left. Their friendship is not so friendly anymore. Hugh has signed on to do anything to protect Jane... and Jane has taken a stand that she is going to everything to make Hugh regret the past and the present. So this is were our story starts with Hugh fighting his feelings and Jane trying not to get hurt anymore by him. Beware that this series has real men who want to protect their lady loves. Also the love scene are really hot!!!