Shameless - Joan Johnston This is book 14 of the series "Bitter Creek". For me this was a stand alone book,I have not been reading the books in order...kind of jumping around. So don't worry if like me you have not read them in order. This book did seem to be the started for some other books in the series too come. Our heroine is Pippa Grayhawk who finds herself pregnant and with her neighbors / towns people holding her pregnancy against her. Which has put her father in a few disagreements that have landed him in jail overnight. They both seem to have a pretty close relationship. Pippa has been thinking of leaving the area so that her father does not have to keep taken up for her. But before she can voice it, her father says that they are moving to America (they are living in Australia) to go home to his father's ranch. Pippa knows that he does not get along with his father and more than likely is moving do to her. She tries to talk him out of it but they move forward to America. Pippa finds that her father has made a deal with his father to stay on the ranch for 1 year and he will inherit it. Pippa finds that she has aunts staying at the ranch but they do not like her or her father. Which starts a bickering battle and some tension in the house. Our hero, Devon Flynn has his own issues and his living kind of all to himself with his pet wolf. Devon and Pippa seem to be friends some of the book before moving forward into what you would think of a love story. Since Pippa heart has been damaged before, she is not so trusting and again Devon has some family issue too. With both fathers not really liking them being together due to a old feud, they had a lot to over come I thought. I like Joan Johnston as and author and her books never let you down. So glad to have this book and hope that you enjoy it too.