The Earl's New Bride

The Earl's New Bride - Frances Fowlkes This is my first book by Frances Fowlkes, and I must say I am glad to find her as an author. I really liked this book. It was a touching, heartfelt and I ended up reading it in one sitting.
The heroine is Lady Henrietta Beauchamp, who is somewhat bookish..likes plants/herbs and has a slight stuttering problem. Henrietta also has two sister and her mother who just lost their father. They come up with a plan for Henrietta to marry the new Earl of Amhurst who is Simon Devere. Simon has set it up to have some single ladies to meet so that he can have a marriage of convenience since his past with women has shown him that caring for his wife would not be a wise thing. So his mind set is to find a wife of duty and also one that will live with his face that bears and eye patch. When Simon sees Henrietta for the first time he is quickly attracted to her. Which makes his mind of then and there he must avoid her at all cost. This set the story of how they both had to overcome the past and the present to find that they can be together. I really thought this was a nice book and so glad to have read it... I hope that you will enjoy it too!