Susana and the Scot

Susana and the Scot - Sabrina York This is book two in the "Untamed Highlander" series. I will warn you that this series is very additive. I just like the last book (Hannah and the Highlander) it leaves me eager for the next book! I truly loved book books and just can't get enough of Ms. York's writing! I feel they are standalone books but I truly think you would enjoy reading the whole series! But enough about my love of these books let me set the story up... Our heroine is about Susana who is the second daughter of Magnus Dounreay. Susana is also a widower with a child to raise. Along with all of that Susana see to the running and protection of their home. They are having some trouble and unknown to Susana her father has asked his new son-in-law to send more men to help. When the men arrive one is Andrew Lochlannach who is Susana brother-in-law but more importantly is a man from her past. They met six years ago when they both were away from home and visiting another family. They both fell in love but a girl that was jealous of their budding romance Trick them into believing some lies that pulled them apart. Now six years later here he is on her homeland and she find he does not recognizer her so that does set her off some. Andrew thinks that his lost love is dead and because both did not use there full names at the time the first met Andrew still believed her to be dead. This starts this wonderful story of how over came a lot of lies, hurt feelings and what it took for them to be together. I hope that you will like this book too!