A Spirited Affair

A Spirited Affair - Lynn Kerstan I so loved this book!! It was such a great, fun and good love story. This book was first published back in the 90's, which sadly I missed! So I am so happy to have found it now. It isn't one of the hot love scene reads that I usually find myself getting but another type of book that I love too. It is a book that set to telling there story rather then endless pages of love scene. The book does go over how the hero and the heroine are attracted to each other and such, but no graphic scene. Which for me worked so well for this book. There heroine is Jillian Lamb who has been pretty much on her own and looking after other people on her family farm. She is a ward of Earl of Coltrane, who by all accounts leaves her alone other than sending her a allowance left to her by her father. But for several months the allowance stops and she fears since the older Earl has died that she has been forgotten. So she goes off to see the new Earl who is our hero, Mark Delacourt. Mark is somewhat surprised by her and how she acts. Jillian was left to set outside in the rain for hours waiting on Mark to come home, so by the time she see him she is pretty mad. So their tone of speaking is to bicker back and forth (which I loved). Sometimes it would seem they would both be laughing or smiling at the other when they were bickering. Mark is set on getting Jillian married off to someone and not have her go back to the farm. Jillian is wanted to go back to the farm and not get married..she has responsibility to others on her farm that she is afraid to mention to Mark. This starts their love story... I am so happy to have read this book! I could not put it down. I hope that you enjoy it too!!