The Lost Soul of Lord Badewyn

The Lost Soul of Lord Badewyn - Mia Marlowe This is book three in the "Order of the M.U.S.E" series. I have read book two but not book one yet. And I must say that after book two I was very interested in our heroine, Meg Anthony. So I was so glad that she is in this next book. This books are somewhat paranormal I would say in the way that they have special abilities. Meg has the unique "finding" ability" and with that has caused her to be used very badly. She has been taken in under the Duke of Camden care where she has willing help his group. We find that someone is after Meg and she is in need of more protection so this is were Lord Badewyn comes in. Lord Badewyn is Part human, part fallen angel, he is one of the Nephilim and has sworn off loving anyone. So he is finding it hard protecting and having Meg near him. So this starts their troubled love but I was so happy to have this chance to read this book and hope that you will enjoy it too.