Highland Knight of Rapture

Highland Knight of Rapture - Amy Jarecki This is the fourth book in the "Highland Dynasty" series. I have been jumping in and out of the series so for me this was a stand alone book. I really love Highland Historical stories and this was another good one by Amy Jarecki. Our herione is, Lady Helen . Lady Helen has been married for about 5 years and has not produced a boy yet.. only one girl. Her husband is very upset with her and in my opinion cruel to her. Our hero, Sir Eoin MacGregor who is a childhood friend of Lady Helen and is also in love with her..is very upset with the treatment her husband is giving her. Sir Eoin wants to help her get away from him but he has been sent to help fight with her husband. and train his men. There is some harsh scene but overall a good book and I hope that you too will be glad to have this book.