Society's Most Scandalous Viscount

Society's Most Scandalous Viscount - Anabelle Bryant This is book three in the "Regency Charms". I have been reading all of the book in the series and in order. But I still think that this would be a stand alone book. This is a story really of two broken people in a way that leave their titles behind and happen to meet on the beach. There they don't really know each other name but they find they are drawn to each other. Our heroine, Angelica Curtis is staying with her Grandmother for just a week before her father comes to pick her up to start the process of taking her to the convent. Her father lost his mind in away after her mother died in childbirth. Angelica sister has already broken the rules that their father has enforce, making her sister run away from home. Our hero, Viscount Kellaway father and mother are both cheating on each other for years and has made no secret of it in society. Which for him is a sore spot in his relationship with his parents. He in turn has acted out with women and being a Rake. But once he meets Angelica, he starts to feel like he is healing and does not want to loose her. This starts their story of overcoming family and personal issue to be together. I really enjoyed this book and hope that you do too!