The Earl's Complete Surrender

The Earl's Complete Surrender - Sophie Barnes This is book two in the "Secrets at Thorncliff Manor" series. I have read the previous book 'Lady Sarah's Sinful Desires' but feel this is a standalone book.
James, the Earl of Woodford is a former spy and he is looking to find his parents killer. His parents were killed when he was young. A lead has sent him to Thorncliff Manor where there is said to be a book their with the names of men in a group thought to have killed his parents. While there he meets Chloe Heartly who in her own right has had a tough time of it. Growing up she had no issue and was loved greatly. But when she married a man she thought she loved and that he loved her she quickly found that he was not what he seemed. He physically abused her and also she found that he was involved in some shady things. After his pasting she goes with her family to Thorncliff Manor to stay for a while. There she set to find the book that might help her with bringing her former husband deeds to light. But she find alone the way that James is looking for the book too. They decided to put their hunt together and this also brings them forward in their feelings.