Never Resist a Rake

Never Resist a Rake - Mia Marlowe This is book two in the "Somerfield Park" series. I have read book one "A Rake by Any Other Name" which does help some with understand how John Fitzhugh Barrett discover that instead of being a bastard, he’s the legitimate heir to the Somerset marquessate. But you do not have to have read that book to enjoy this one..they speak of it some in this book. John Fitzhugh Barrett always though him self as illegitimate and so does his family..up until one day they find he is not and is thrust into being a Lord which his brother was originally. John has hard feelings for his family and what he thinks how they treated him. So he tries to things to upset them still. On one of these outings he finds Rebecca Kearsey, the daughter of a threadbare viscount who would not be suitable for him per his grandmother. But they forge a friendship and they struggle to through their love story. I enjoyed this book and had to read it in one sitting. I hope that you will too!