Stolen Flame

Stolen Flame - D.W. Marshall This is book one in the "Seven Chamber" series. I will say that this is my first time reading D.W. Marshall writing. It was a very hot, kinky girl taken without of choice type read. This is a type of fantasy book so you have to keep that in mind when reading this.
Vivian is excited for the next day as it is her 21 birthday and her friends have a surprise for her. Vivian also has decided to try and win the heart of one of her male friends and possible loose her virginity to him. But that night she is kidnapped and taken with several other women to a secret location. Vivian finds out that they are going to be in this situation for one year while they pleasure 35 lottery winning men for their services. Once the year is complete they will be given money and be made to be very wealthy ladies. Each lady is assigned a "guard" to keep them safe from the men that enter into their chambers. As I started this review I said keep in mind this is a fantasy of sorts. None of the girls really protected and none really tried to that part for me didn't seem real and all seem to be okay with doing this for a year. There is kind of a love back story with one of the "guards'. If you are looking for hot, fantasy story then this is your book.