Beauty Dates the Beast

Beauty Dates the Beast - Jessica Sims, Jill Myles This is book one in the "Midnight Liaisons " series. This was somewhat violent toward the end, so I just wanted to let you know in case that was a issue for you. It wasn't for very long but just making note of it.
Bathsheba is somewhat on the run with her sister but they have been working at a paranormal dating company. Bathsheba is a human and has been trying to protect her younger sister who was bitten by her abusive boyfriend. Her sister even though she is can turn into a wolf she is affraid of them and does not want to join a pack. So they go on the run to try to get away from the wolf pack. Bathsheba had killer her sister abusive boyfriend so that is another reason they are on the run. Beau who calls into the dating site to report his 'date' has canceled and he wants a replacement. Of course Bathsheba answered the phone and Beau finds that he likes her right off the bat. So Beau insist that she be his fill in date. Beau is also a shiftier and this puts off Bathsheba because she is scared that he will smell her sister wolf sent on her. But she is also scared to loose this job. So she meets up with Beau and that starts a chain of events that they have to overcome to be together.