Diamond Heart

Diamond Heart - Ann Mayburn Rowan Belmont found her fiance in bed with her best friend. So she goes forth to move and try to start a new life. While on the way she is rob and left with now money. Rowan meets with Marcel Champlain who steps in to help her into her hotel. There he ask her to dinner and she accepts. Rowan thinking she won't see him again pretends to be someone else. After dinner he ask to see her again even though she says yes she knows she will be gone the next day. The next day she went to a jewelry store to sell the ring her fiance gave her. There she finds it is fake and also that Marcel and his family owns the store. There Marcel talks her into going with him to open a new store and pretend to be his wife for 3 months. After that he will pay her some additional money for the job. This is a really sweet short story that I truly enjoyed.