Serpent - Kathryn Le Veque, Scott Moreland This is book two in the "de Wolfe Pack" series. Also this book is only abut 320 pages, where the First book "The Wolfe" was about 900 pages. This is a standalone book from my reading but I would say that the first book is so good I would read it just for the story.
Serpent. Bhrodi ap Gaerwen de Shera has been informed by Edward I who is trying to tame the Welsh by having Bhrodi marry Lady Penelope Adalira de Wolfe. Penelope is the daughter of William and Jordan from the first book. Penelope was the youngest 9 children and born late in life to her parents. So she became her fathers special daughter and was taught to fight just like a Knight. Penelope at first does not wish for this marriage just as Bhrodi has not wanted the marriage. Bhrodi has lost a wife and son during childbirth two years ago and does not feel he is ready to move on... also not convinced the marriage is a good ideal. But when they first meet they are both drawn to each other and both change their mind about not wanting the marriage. This starts their great love story. I have really been enjoying this series!