Lespada - Kathryn Le Veque Davyss de Winter is being forced to marry by his mother. His mother feels it is time for him to do and secure their legacy. Davyss doesn't not feel the same but understands her potion. So when the time comes for the marriage and to meet the bride...he chooses to send his sword in his place. The sword will represent him on his wedding as a defiant move against his mother but still have the marriage outcome. Lady Devereux d'Arcy Allington is also being forced to marry Davyss and does try to run from his solders that have been send to gather her and bring her to the wedding. Devereux is really pissed off that Davyss would send his sword in place of himself. But Davyss is hiding in the church and at the end of the wedding does come forth to confront Devereux. They are both instantly attracted to one another. Davyss starts to feel that he has made a mistake in not being the proper groom from the start but does things still that hurt Devereux. Davyys is a spoiled in away and used to people wanting only to please him. So he is taking back from Devereux attitude and does things he is quickly sorry for. Also his past with other women start to haunt their relationship too.
I really enjoyed this book and their is separate book with Davyss and Devereux older son 'Swords and Shields ' that I had too read since I loved these two characters and wanted to see how they were doing.