Lord Of War: Black Angel

Lord Of War: Black Angel - Kathryn Le Veque Brandt de Russe, Duke of Exeter is know to be a tough fighter and he has just come back from another war. While giving out orders to his men he finds a lady trying to talk to him. Brandt thinks at first that she is a whore and tries to get her to leave him alone. But her temper comes out and we find that the lady is Ellowyn de Nerra. Ellowyn has been sent to tell Brandt to send her fathers men back to him since he has returned with them.
Brandt and Ellowyn get off on the wrong foot with her temper and him wanting to set her strait. I gave this three stars because of a few things in the story I did not like or see that was needed. I will put it down near the bottom for a spoiler.
Overall good book though.

Ellowyn Father gets killed when he tries to fight Brandt for Ellowyn after Brandt and Ellowyn run off and get married. Brandt and the father were to fight in a dual and Ellowyn got in the middle of it where she got hurt and Brnadt men thought he was being attached and they killed the father. Didn't like that part as they had played up the relationship between father and daughter as such a loving and strong relationship.