The Dark Lord

The Dark Lord - Kathryn Le Veque I have been loving Kathryn Le Veque books and been doing somewhat of a marathon read because her books are so good! This book did hit snag for me in the 'really love' department. I thought the hero, Ajax de Velt " The Dark Lord" was a little to dark. His crimes were on women and children and disrespecting dead bodies left from their wars. I found it somewhat hard to get over but I did continue to read the book. His character did grow and a few funny parts but I did feel that Kellington Coleby for gave a little to quickly. I was glad to have read the book but just a few things that made me not love the book as I have her other ones.

I also thought that his first marriage was kind of a after thought and I didn't like it that he never really divorce her after finding her or declaring her dead somehow so that his marriage to Kellington would be legal. It appears that he went on with the marriage and never told her at all...let it be her choice to be Married by heart as he told his first wife and not married by heart and law.