Lord of the Shadows

Lord of the Shadows - Kathryn Le Veque, Andrew Bufalo Lady Sheridan St. James has taken over for her father that has died. Sheridan has to also try to keep and eye or her sister who thinks she falls in love with every man that she sees. On one of her sister's heartbreak fits..she tries to jump out the widow. Sir Sean de Lara known as the 'The Lord of the Shadows' happens to see the sister as she is trying to jump. He also gets a look at Sheridan and finds he likes her looks. Sean catches the sister and meets Sheridan. They are both drawn to each other at once. But Sheridan thinks they are on different sides of politics. But Sean is playing as a double spy so they really are on the same side. But it takes a little while before he comes clean as his life would be in danger but he also does not want to loose Sheridan. This was a good book that I had to read in one sitting!