Kidnapped by the Billionaire

Kidnapped by the Billionaire - Jackie Ashenden I received an eARC, from NetGalley and the publisher, in exchange for an honest review. This is book four in the "Nine Circles" series. I have not read the other books so for me this was a standalone book. Although I would like to have known if Elijah Hunt was in the other books...maybe I would have understood him more because I couldn't get any emotional attachment to him/Elijah.
Elijah Hunt is out for revenge against men that have taken everything away from him including his wife who has now died. In his mission to get revenge its a snag when the man he wanted to kill was killed by someone else. So Elijah changes plans and kidnaps that mans daughter / Violet Fitzgerald . Elijah knows her somewhat because he used to work for the man killed..he worked there so that he could find a way to get his revenge. Now though he plans on using Violet as bate to get the second person that has wronged him. Violet is taken by supposed at what Elijah is saying about her father. Violet never had a close relationship with her father or her mother...only her brother who is presumed dead but Violet thinks is still alive.
I did enjoy this book but I just couldn't get emotionally attached with this book as I have other books I have read....but I do hope that you will enjoy it.