Making Her His: A Singular Obsession, Book One

Making Her His: A Singular Obsession, Book One - Lucy Leroux I received an eARC, from NetGalley and the publisher, in exchange for an honest review.
This is book one in the "A Singular Obsession" series by Lucy Leroux. This is also my first book by this author. I not sure how I can put into words how good this book was! This has the alpha male wanted to protect 'his women', hot sex scenes, and you just get emotional drawn in! Once I put this book down I started reach for the next in the series. Since yesterday I have read the 1.5 book 'Confiscating Charlie' the second book 'Calen's Captive ' and moved on to the third book 'Stolen Angel' and will finish it up today. You just can't get enough of this author and her books!
Alex Hanas has been upset that his father as went and married after being a widow for years. Alex thinks his new step-mom is a gold digger and that her daughter is fat and ugly. Alex's father makes him come to a Sunday Brunch to try to build on being a family. Alex after several months breaks down and goes to his father's house to try to do this brunch thing. When their he notices Elynn his suppose step-sister that he thought was fat and ugly. But Alex gets a good look at her and finds that his first impression of her was wrong. She is in fact beautiful but chooses to wear really loose clothes to hide her body. They start a friendship that has Alex falling in love with her but he knows she is still to young for him and also she has something in her past that is an issue for her being around men. So Alex settles to be her friend until he thinks she is older and is no longer scared and would except a relationship with him.