Stolen Angel

Stolen Angel - Lucy Leroux This is book three in the "A Singular Obsession" series by Lucy Leroux.
This is a standalone book so if you haven't' read the others or are jumping around in the series you should be okay. I have loved all of Ms. Leroux books but this one I could get into as much as the others. I did enjoy the book but the others books I seem to form an attachment to the characters.
Sergei who is the hero in this book I think was the problem for me. Sergei has been after his Personal Assistant for a while and when he does get close to her he ups and leaves.
Ada our heroine is not who she is pretending to be. Ada has someone in her past that she thinks will harm her and her "Uncle" thinks so too. So he has been helping her stay on the run and changing identities for at least three years. Ada knows that she has stay to long with Sergei and the area. So she starts to set the motion to change location and identities again. When Sergei finds out that she has went missing he puts all efforts into finding her and telling her that he loves her.