Claimed by the Sheikh

Claimed by the Sheikh - Rachael Thomas Princess Amber was raised to know that she would be in an arranged marriage. So when she goes to marry Prince Kazim Al-Amed she finds she has fallen in love with him on first site. On their wedding night she tries to act sexy which seems to put off Kazim. Kazim is upset that he is being force to marry and at the wedding he has been told that he new wife is not innocent. So on their wedding night he tells her that he won't sleep with her and that she is to leave and go on with her life. They will pretend this never happen and goes forth as they did. Amber is devastated. . We move to 10 months later where Kazim is looking for her because his father is ill and Kazim needs to start taking over but his people doesn't seem to think he is a good leader since he couldn't keep his wife. Kazim find Amber working in London at a sleazy dance hall as a waitress. .