Olivero's Outrageous Proposal

Olivero's Outrageous Proposal - Kate Walker Alyse is being harassed by Marcus who is trying to get her to marry him. Even her father has started to put pressure on her to marry him. So Alyse thinks the only way to turn him off is to let him see her with someone else. So at a party she happens to see Dario Olivero who she does not know but think he would be perfect for what she needs. Dario also is at the party to find the woman that his half-brother is after to put a dent into that relationship.Dario is the bastard child of their fathers and Dario does not get along or have any good relationship with them. So Dario.finds Alyse and doesn't tell her either what he wants with her. They do get caught as they wanted but they find that both were taken back that they were using each other. Now Daio tries to save Alyse from his brothers revenge and also Dario thinks at the same time get revenge to his brother.