Surrender of Trust

Surrender of Trust - Mariel Grey Surrender of Trust is book one in the "Surrender" series by Mariel Grey.
I thought this was a really sweet, easy, heartfelt read that once you started it was hard to put down.
Lucy Goodwin lost her father about 10 months ago and it became just her and her brother. Lucy brother was a horse jockey that had built up a great reputation. He had worked hard to make sure that everything kept running after their father died. Now Lucy finds that her brother has been badly injured in a carriage accident. Now Lucy has to go forward with trying to keep her brother reputation up and the business. With his accident it is bringing some forward to try to get Lucy to pay debits that Lucy doesn't know about.
Lord Philip Lyton, Marquess of Chalifour had been attracted to Lucy the first time he saw her about 10 months ago but did nothing at the time to go further with his attraction. Lord Phillip did go forward with trying to make a deal with her brother. Lord Phillip was to meet with Lucy's brother but now he is meeting Lucy again since she is trying to sort out things for her brother.
I really felt for Lucy and all that she was going through, and I also liked Lord Phillip. Both were really great!! Great Read!!