His Forbidden Debutante

His Forbidden Debutante - Anabelle Bryant I received an eARC, from NetGalley and the publisher, in exchange for an honest review.
This is book four in the "Regency Charms" series by Anabelle Bryant. I have been reading in order of the book series but I do feel that this book can be a standalone book.
Lavinia Montgomery had been seriously hurt in a carriage accident that killed her parents. Lavinia was unable to walk and at the time felt that she wouldn't be able to again. Lavinia had been writing back and forth to a gentleman that she fell in love with win their letters. Lavinia had never met him and after the accident she didn't write him any.
Randolph James Caulfield, Earl of Penwick was just plan Randolph when used to be writing to a women named Lavinia but then he inherited the Title Of Earl of Penwick. This brought on more responsibility that took him to be more involved with the title. Later after not hearing from Lavinia and not able to find her he moved on to become engaged to another lady. Lavinia was able to get back her health and able to walk again. This brought on her sister to want to give her a coming out party and to bring her to the town. Their Lavinia started running into the Earl 0f Penwick but neither knew who the other person was.
This started their love story where they had to discover who they were and how they can now be together. I really enjoyed this book and hope that you will too.