The Devil's Heir

The Devil's Heir - Victoria Vane I received an eARC, from NetGalley and the publisher, in exchange for an honest review.
'The Redemption of Julian Price' by Victoria Vane is the story of Julian Price and Henrietta Houghton.

Julian was being raised by his Uncle who pretty much left him to run wild. Julian, Henrietta "Hen", Harry (Hen's brother), Thomas and a few others were childhood friends that did everything together. But one summer Hen started to change more into a women and she was pretty much outed from the group because of the changes in her and her body. They all remained friends just not as they once were. Julian along with other in the group joined the fight against Napoleon.

Now in the present day Thomas has died, Julian finds his Uncle has run through the money and left a large debit. Harry is to be married and Hen is turning 21 and thinks she will be a 'old maid'.

Hen does come into some money from a elderly family member who has always liked Hen and will leave more to her when she passes. So Hen thinks to go to Julian and offer marriage to help him get out of debit with her money and also because she has always had feelings for him.

But will Julian go along with this and how will their friendship change?